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Michigan Pet Alliance (MPA) is a nonprofit professional trade association representing Michigan’s animal welfare organizations and pet advocates. We work together to ensure every Michigan animal shelter, home-based rescue organization and all other groups and organizations providing services to companion animals operate using industry best practices. Uniting our voices, we speak for those who cannot speak for themselves to create state and local laws and regulations that improve care and eliminate cruelty for all companion animals in Michigan.

Become a Member

Be part of a statewide animal welfare organization that sets the standards and speaks with one voice for Michigan’s companion animals.

In addition to serving as a united front for animal welfare in the state, MPA membership connects you to professionals within the animal welfare community and gives you a voice for change and improvement.

  • Ability to be part of a group helping leaders, policy makers and funders understand the true cost and benefits of quality work for animals and the hidden costs of the inadequate or poorly supported systems of care
  • Access to data reporting: trends, benchmarking, challenges, case studies, assessing and demonstrating need for animals and better supported funded and/or effective service organizations
  • Access and discounts to professional growth and development opportunities, including webinars, training, seminars and conferences
  • Free postings for job openings or resume bank