Our working committees are the engines powering Michigan Pet Alliance, fueled by the passion of animal welfare advocates who want to work together to raise the bar for animal care in our state. The committees create and execute plans and programs to support the association’s mission. Each committee has a chairperson and a list of responsibilities. Committees meet virtually at least once a month and delegate tasks to members.

Consider volunteering on a working committee:

  • Education & Training
  • Policy & Advocacy
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Membership & Certification Committee

Leadership Structure

Education & Training Committee

  • Design and produce educational and training opportunities to empower and strengthen Michigan’s animal welfare organizations, providing learning experiences that engage participants and improve their knowledge and skills based on animal welfare best practices
  • Oversee the shelter assessment program. Unless otherwise noted, shelter assessments are conducted by a Maddie’s Shelter Medicine (veterinarian) graduate
  • Manage the hands-on, in-shelter training program and determine the need for additional modules, such as cat enrichment and behavior training
  • Create and produce the annual animal welfare conference, including logistics, presentation topics, speakers and vendors
  • Develop online webinars and town halls on current animal welfare topics and issues
  • Work with the Communications committee to create a marketing and PR plan to promote education and training programs

Policy & Advocacy Committee

  • Monitor all legislative initiatives involving companion animals in Michigan
  • Present updates and official position recommendations to the MPA board of directors
  • Communicate official positions to legislative decision makers and their staff
  • Testify at legislative committee hearings
  • Work with legislators to create and introduce new animal welfare legislation
  • Work with legislators to amend existing animal welfare laws to reflect best practices
  • Prepare and present proposed animal welfare position statements to the MPA board of directors for adoption. Topics include but are not limited to cat declawing, community cat programs, dog tethering, companion animals used in entertainment, research, etc.
  • Research, create, collect, distribute, present and advocate for best-practice animal welfare ordinances and regulations for consideration by local governments
  • Work with the Communications committee to communicate and educate the membership and general public of the association’s legislative positions and best-practice position statements to build support and advocacy at state and local levels

Membership & Certification Committee

  • Manage and produce the annual Awards program
  • Manage the shelter Listserv
  • Determine the need for and membership of additional Listservs
  • Produce the annual Live Release Report
  • Identify and produce additional matrices to track progress and to better understand the existing environment of homeless cats and dogs
  • Manage the Rescue Certification program for home-based rescues
  • Develop and manage a certification program for shelters
  • Work with the Communications committee to create a marketing and PR plan to promote membership initiatives and programs   

Marketing & Communications Committee

  • Create and execute media relations and PR plans for MPA, its programs and events
  • Develop and maintain editorial and communication calendars
  • Draft communication materials for various audiences as needed, including speeches, presentations, press materials, letters, newsletter, fliers, brochures and marketing materials
  • Manage social media channels in accordance with editorial calendars
  • Create and distribute newsletters and eblasts to various audiences
  • Establish annual membership goals, then create and execute marketing plans to recruit and retain members
  • Collaborate with the CEO to maintain the current membership database and provide monthly reports of new members to the board of directors
  • Build partnerships with key animal welfare partners
  • Maintain the association’s website
  • Develop social media graphics and a monthly meme to promote MPA, best practices and advocacy

Would you like to get involved and lend your expertise to our mission?