2022 MPA Awards – The New Normal

2022 Award Application

COVID made us stop and reexamine not only how we were doing things but also why.  Steven Covey author of the 7 Habits of Highly Successful People might have characterized this as Habit 7 – Sharpen the Saw.  He recognized that doing the same thing over and over not only made the saw dull and took longer to get the work done but never afforded the time to look at the task and decide if it could be done differently or perhaps not at all.  Taking the time to re-examine – by force or choice – provides needed perspective to our ultimate mission.

The 2022 MPA Awards will recognize those who have sharpened the saw and are operating with the New Normal in the following categories.

The New Normal in Community Outreach ($3,000 & recognition plaque) – We are looking for either new programs or COVID revised programs that you have instituted, tweaked or expanded for providing outreach services.  How are  you serving the pet community?  Food programs, training programs, medical assist programs, vaccinations, equipment (kennels, leashes, houses), temporary housing for hospital stays or domestic violence.  Tell us what you are doing and your measurable impact.  Include copies of support materials (documents, brochures, SOP’s, manuals, etc.) which demonstrates best practices or programs of excellence so we can share them as a model so other can replicated them.

The New Normal in Creative Programs ($2,000 & recognition plaque) – So what new twist have you put on a program to address an old problem.  We want to hear your creative approaches to life-saving programs or improving the standards of care.  What are you doing differently now but took some creativity to accomplish?  Applications should include copies of support materials to ease replication by others.

The New Normal in Fundraising ($2,000 & recognition plaque ) – When we couldn’t gather in groups – which constituted about 95% of our fundraising efforts, how did you keep those funds coming in the door?  Did you try something new not having a clue if it would work and found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that now you intend to repeat annually?  Successful applicants must demonstrate through a measurable variable such as increase in funding, number of supporters etc.

Standard Operating Procedures/Documents
(2, $500 each) – Do you have a written Standard Operating Procedure of an operation that works well for you.  Do you think it could be used as a model for other organizations?  Submit it for the possibility of being awarded $500 and making it part of a resource library provided by MPA.  

On-Site Cat Training Grant – Do you feel your staff and volunteers have a good handle on reading, handling, and enrichment for the dogs in your shelter, but the cats have been kind of left behind.  Well, this is your opportunity to be granted an in-shelter, hands-on training opportunity to benefit the felines in your care.

Karen Brocklehurst Volunteer of the Year Award ($100 gift card & recognition plaque) honors a MPA member who volunteers for a shelter or home-based rescue giving selflessly of their time volunteering in various aspects of animal welfare and who takes every opportunity to learn and know more.

Karen Brocklehurst was a jack-of-all-trades volunteer who spent her life giving back to Michigan’s animal welfare community. She took every opportunity to attend conferences and workshops. Karen appreciated that the more she knew, the more she could do. Karen didn’t fill just one volunteer role, she pitched in everywhere – from fundraising and partnership building to dog walking and foster care. Karen was the reliable, go-to volunteer who answered every call for help. Karen embodied all of the characteristics that an animal welfare organization hopes for in a volunteer.

It is in her memory and in honor of her legacy that Michigan Pet Alliance recognizes and awards a volunteer who exemplifies that same spirit, passion and dedication for Michigan’s pets.


  • Nominee must be a current MPA member
  • Nominee must be an active volunteer for a Michigan non-profit animal welfare organization
  • Nominee must be a volunteer who demonstrates passion for education and dedication to making a difference for animals in need

Awards Criteria

  1. Organizations can submit as many applications as they would like in any/or all categories.  A separate application for must be submitted for each entry.
  2. Organizations must be Michigan based.
  3. Only MPA members can submit an application for an Outstanding Volunteer Award.  Nominee must be a MPA member. Nominee must be an active volunteer for a Michigan non-profit animal welfare organization.  Nominee must be a volunteer who demonstrates passion for education and dedication to making a difference for animals in need.
  4. Only be one award will be selected per category with the exception of SOP (2)
  5. The judging panel will only receive page 2 of the applications so applications will be judged anonymously.
  6. Board members and committee members are allowed to submit applications since the judges will not know the submitter.
  7. All applications must be received by June 30th 11:59 p.m.

2022 Award Application