Michigan Pet Alliance’s Policy & Advocacy Committee tracks current animal welfare issues and proposed legislation that impacts Michigan’s companion animals.  The committee develops position statements on current issues for the board of directors’ consideration and approval.  The committee also reviews and tracks pending legislation and provides the board of directors with their recommendations on support, changes and/or opposition.  MPA’s position statements and stance on pending legislation are posted here as they are approved by the board of directors.

Position Statements

Companion animal welfare is transforming as the knowledge base expands through research and science-based efforts. Often, myths and misunderstandings have guided past efforts, which have resulted in inhumane policies, practices and legislation detrimental to the care and quality of life for companion animals. Changing practices often requires changing beliefs.

Our position statements are currently under development by the Policy & Advocacy Committee.

Current Legislation

Michigan Pet Alliance uses Attorneys for Animals’ legislative tracker to inventory and review pending legislation in Michigan. 

Our positions on specific legislation in Michigan as approved by the board of directors is currently under development by the Policy & Advocacy Committee.