How to Greet a Cat

What is the best way to greet a cat? It’s fairly simple! If you use some care and watch their body language, while responding to their needs, you can make a friend for life!

Advancing Your Dog’s Skills, Take Training to the Next Level

Do you want to take your dog’s skills to the next level? You might feel like your dog has plateaued and you just can’t move them forward. Or you don’t know how to move them on. In order for your dog to have skills that work in real-life, we need to advance them along. In this video, Kelly gives tips to help you get that success when things get harder.

My Dog Knows This … He Just Isn’t Doing It!

“My dog knows this … he just isn’t doing it!” Have you ever said this before? I think we all have. When we’ve witnessed our dog perform a command many times, it can be tempting to think that they “know” the cue and they are ignoring us when they suddenly won’t do it. It is… Continue reading My Dog Knows This … He Just Isn’t Doing It!

Understanding Separation Anxiety: Achieving Success with Training and Adoption

Separation anxiety affects almost 20% of dogs in the US and is a common reason for rehoming. Though a huge quality of life issue for dogs and their people, the good news is dogs can overcome separation anxiety! Join us for this webinar to learn more about alone-time behavior concerns, training and best ways to help separation anxiety dogs in shelters and rescues get adopted.